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Arc Riders.  Revealed the sniper of the battlefield inventor

Arc Riders. Revealed the sniper of the battlefield inventor

From Sarah Betsolt
Battlefield Inventor Patrick Soderland has announced a new free-to-play sniper with his team from Embark Studios. Arc Riders takes place in a post-apocalyptic world and is designed to provide uncompromising collaborative action.

While EA and DICE currently have their hands full to satisfy the battlefield community in the wake of the devastation of Battlefield 2042’s release, Game Awards 2021 is a promising alternative for hit fans of the shooter series. This is because Battlefield inventor Patrick Söderlund has teamed up with the Embark Studios team to announce a new free-to-play 2-game shooter with a sci-fi setting – and the revealing trailer for the game Arc Riders caused a pretty good crash.

Third person, multiplayer only

What is clear at first glance with Arc Riders: Shooter fans can expect a completely uncompromising multiplayer action. We slip into the role of the so-called Rider, who will be a kind of resistance fighter who must protect the Earth from the arc in future situations. Arcs are robot-like machines that occupy our planet. What makes Arc Riders special is that we sometimes face big enemies from a third-person perspective.

In addition, the sniper must distribute the single player campaign throughout, instead providing a complete co-op experience. Focuses on tactics and team play. Depending on the type of enemy, we must skillfully combine our skills and weapons to get a chance against a seemingly superficial curve. The trailer shows how it works:

Arc Riders will appear in 2022 as a free 2-Play Shooter for PC on Epic and Steam, as well as on the GeForce Now, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S. Nothing is known yet about the potential monetization system. However, Patrick Söderlund, CEO of Empark Studios, promises to get more information on the topic soon.

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