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Aprilia SR GT, the first ‘urban adventure’ scooter

Aprilia presented the ad EICMA 2021 The panorama of compact GT scooters reveals a completely unprecedented proposition Aprilia SR GT. It’s Aprilia’s first ‘urban adventure’ scooter, which is fun to drive in everyday city, but on long distance or shorter roads and trails, thanks to content inspired by the enduro world, it is the perfect complement to anything.

Family expands with Aprilia SR GT Aprilia Urban Movement, An array of highly functional vehicles that follow the evolution of the urban movement and are designed to make every daily commute safer, easier, and more exciting because of the ever-pure Aprilia spirit.

Active riding level and width on the new Aprilia SRGT Manuprio naked In motorcycle style they offer excellent control, while long travel suspension and high ground clearance allow for easy access to any obstacle while driving in the city; Finally, tires with a generous area and “all-terrain” pavement shape allow you to try on all types of surfaces, from city asphalt, to stones, to gravel roads.

All of these are paired with the ambiguous Aprilia Sporty design State-of-the-art i-get 125 and 200 cc engines, Complete equipment including start & stop system, full LED lighting, LCD equipment and APRILIA MIA connection system (optional) for better performance in the segment.

The tool is completely digital: The large LCD display shows all the information about the vehicle, as well as a rich series of travel information, which can be selected using the MODE button on the left control panel. When the smartphone is connected to the vehicle via Bluetooth, the instrument cluster will also display notifications regarding incoming calls and messages if there is an APRILIA MIA connection system (available upon request). The system allows you to manage phone calls with the special connect button in the right control panel, make calls by activating the playlist, or use the voice commands of the smartphone to play music.

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Thanks to the refined chassis, weight only 144 kg Featuring a full tank (148kg per 200 version) and 14 “front and 13” rear light alloy wheels with large section tires (110/80 and 130/70), the Aprilia SRGT offers excellent agility and maneuverability in transport, but at the same time is stable at high speeds .

The Aprilia SR GT stands out The minimum distance from the ground is 175 mm, The size unknown to traditional compact GT scooters, allows you to easily cross bumps and easily descend from a height difference.

So long distance travel is not a problem, thanks to the generous tank: The 9 liter capacity is about 350 km. The box under the saddle, with a capacity of 25 liters, Can have a full face helmet, Whereas, the Aprilia SR GT is supplied with accessories that are more ready to travel, including a spacious and resistant 33-liter aluminum top box.

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