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App Cloner für Android

Application Cloner for Android – This is the best application for copying applications

Some smartphone manufacturers offer an integrated utility cloner on their computer. Unfortunately, the functionality of this tool is always limited: only a few applications can be cloned and there is no way to modify the cloned application in any way. In the following, we will introduce you to an alternative application cloner that can copy all applications and create other settings.

App Cloner for Android

The application discussed below has an attractive name, “App Cloner”. It cannot be downloaded from the Google Play Store because some features go beyond what Google allows. Instead, you should download the app from the manufacturer’s website. Click the green link on the manufacturer’s website and download the APK file.

To the manufacturer’s website

To install the APK file, you must grant your browser permission to install applications from unknown sources if you have not previously done so.

Application Cloner Download

Application-cloner features

We compared it with many clone apps from Google Playstore. App-Cloner App has been shown to provide most of the functionality so far and is very reliable. The app is generally free to use, but some premium features to implement are 5. In the following, we will go into more detail about the free features and list the additional premium features. In general, the free version is sufficient for most applications.

Features Der App-Cloner Free Edition

To clone an application, first select it in the application cloner’s main menu. All the apps installed on your device are already listed there. Alternatively, you can select the APK file for cloning. After clicking on the application or APK file, you will come to the menu with more settings. Among other things, you have the following options:

  • Name: Here you can give a new name to the cloned application. For example, if you want to get the email app twice on your device, you can give the apps an appropriate name for the mailbox
  • Toggle Icon: You can change the color of the cloned application to quickly differentiate between the two applications. The icon can also be mirrored or rotated.
  • The Clone Options menu provides additional options for the cloning process. For example, you can set where an application will not be able to access Google Playervices. You can also set whether or not to receive cloned application updates. You also have the option of enabling the cloning functionality of applications that usually prevent this. For example, you can increase compatibility in the app, prevent crashes, or pop-ups or check the package name.
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How to clone the app?

After you change the above settings, all you have to do is click on the app-cloner icon on the right. Then a pop-up will appear and you need to confirm it with “OK”. The application cloner then creates a copied version of the APK file, which you can install in the next step.

Features der App-Cloner Premium-Version

The premium version for 5 offers some features beyond cloning apps. Sure, no one wants to pay for an app these days, but in principle the feature set is quite enjoyable

  • Unfortunately, some applications require a premium version. They include: Instagram, Messenger, Gmail, YouTube, Fake GPS apps, Connectivity
  • Create multiple clones of the application
  • Hide clone apps or assign a password
  • Clear the cache automatically when you exit the application
  • Run cloned applications in incognito mode (eg with incognito keyboard)
  • Run the cloned application on floating windows.
  • Use a proxy for the cloned application.
  • Export and import of application data
  • Disable mobile data and network functions
  • Replace application icons
  • Install the cloned applications on the SC card
  • Remove usage permissions
  • Change Android ID
  • Change IMEI, IMSI and WLAN ID.
  • Fake GPS location


App-cloner is the most usable option to install the same app multiple times on an Android smartphone. The standard functionality of the free version should be sufficient for most users and allow some interesting additional settings. It is a bit unfortunate that the manufacturer has to upgrade the premium version from some messengers to copy.