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Google Chrome finally goes on a diet.  Windows now uses 20% less RAM

Google Chrome finally goes on a diet. Windows now uses 20% less RAM

Google Chrome Has declined in history as a web browser Most used in the world But even One that consumes the most RAM of all. Users always use it more than other web browsers because it has the best rendering speed of web pages, but it also applies to many features that Google developers implement every day. RAM consumption has always been one of its weaknesses Especially on laptops it fails to keep up with its demands and not only loses capacity but also shows up Abnormal battery consumption.

Before time Google Attempts to make changes to Chrome by minimizing this erratic RAM consumption. And with the latest version released to everyone it seems to have given a nice “slimming”. Yes, because according to Mountain View Giant With version 89 of Google Chrome, developers have implemented new features that guarantee significant memory storage Especially on Windows computers. All of this is clear when maintaining the overall response of the web browser.

Google Chrome: How little RAM is used

Google Chrome Version 89, launched earlier this week, includes significant improvements in memory management in Windows, the browser process Requires 22% less RAM. According to Mark Chunk, Chrome Product Manager, the new version is a 8% memory storage on renderer and about 3% on GPU.

We achieved this by using our advanced memory allocation sharing alloy, which is optimized for low allocation delay, space performance and security.Chang explained.

In this case, with the new update, Google Chrome gets up to 100 MiB per card, Which is more than 20% on some popular sites, which removes the memory that the front card is not actively used like big pictures. The hard work required by users who have long complained of abnormal consumption of RAM does not allow them to use a notebook that is still a little old and has some RAM resources.

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New to Google Chrome on Mac. The developers are actually reducing its memory track even in the background tabs in MacOS, which we have been doing on other sites for some time. Further Android The situation was greatly improved with faster side load and start times and 5% less memory usage.

Again, Google has improved the overall response of the web browser Up to 9%, the result is a 65% improvement in Apple Energy attack score for background cards. Since updating to Google Chrome 87 last November 2020, Google has been using less memory, leading to 25% faster boot performance and 7% faster side loads for its web browser performance.

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