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Apple's "Where?"  The network is now officially open to third-party vendors

Apple’s “Where?” The network is now officially open to third-party vendors

In “Where?” Application Manage all your Apple devices and see their location. From now on, you can track not only Apple’s own devices, but also third-party products. The new Belkin, Cipolo and Vanmoof products that work with the Find My application will be available next week.

Bob Porchers, Global Product Marketing Vice President von Apple:

Where are “our customers, for over a decade”? More and more people are now getting the powerful search functionality of one of our popular services, “Where?”, Thanks to the add-on for the “Where?” Network.

Third-party products must comply with network privacy policies wherever Apple customers rely on. Approved products can be added to the new “Items” tab, and this product “Where?” Network and “Where?” The application is compatible.

Apple today announced the draft specification for chipset manufacturers to be released this spring. This means that other device manufacturers can take advantage of the ultra-broadband technology in Apple devices equipped with the U1 chip, and enable precise location resolution.

Brand new S3 and X3 e-bikes from the sky, In SOUNDFORM Freedom is real wireless Belkin and The Cipolo One Spot ArticleFinder “Where?” Innovative first-party third-party components compatible with. With these products, users can find out what is currently present in their bike, ear headphones in the gym, their bag and more. Other manufacturers will soon be asking “Where?” – Products and accessories that can be delivered.