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Apple WWTC: Better video conferencing, multitasking, privacy and robust platform integration

Apple WWTC: Better video conferencing, multitasking, privacy and robust platform integration

With a two-hour keynote address at this year’s WWDC 2021 (Global Developer Conference), Apple has provided an overview of new features in iOS 15, iPadOS 15, macOS Montessori and WatchOS 8 operating systems.

New to iOS 15, the iPados 15 and MacOS Montessori are extended video conferencing functions for FaceTime, including the new SharePlay functionality. In FaceTime, for example, background noise can now be better filtered with newer microphone modes, the background can be smoothed out better using familiar image functionality, and all participants in FaceTime chat can be shown in parallel at a new stage (such as zoom)). Screen content and applications can now be shared here via the Share Play function. Streaming images on Disney +, ESPN +, HBO Max, Hulu, MasterClass, Paramount +, Pluto TV, Dictoc, Twitch can also be synced in parallel via Shareplay and viewed live with connected friends. You can invite users of other operating systems to group video chats via the browser link.

We & # 39; re glad to see what is needed for greatly enhanced FaceTime functionality, and whether there are established video conferencing providers. Zoom inZoom explained in vocabularyTo compete even more with Skype and others …

The new device intelligence called live text functionality should be interesting in the AI ​​area. Authorized text and phone numbers in photos can be further processed and used for related activities (internet search, calls, etc.). Blackboard / whiteboard content can be recorded using a photo and used for further (text) processing via select and paste.

Talking about device intelligence: Thanks to advanced speech recognition on the respective device, less users’ data should be sent out, according to Apple. The response time for voice commands should be significantly improved. As a result, new features of Apple Safari, iCloud, and other Apple services / applications include system-wide privacy updates.

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However, Apple’s new MacBook Pro laptops (with the new M2 processor) were not announced at WWDC this year. Individual hardware components are integrated via an automatic screen and keyboard partition: for example, the keyboard of a MacBook Pro is used to run an iPod or nearby iMac.

Even with the media tools provided by Apple in Final Cut Pro, Logic and other formats, this year WWDC is not currently ready for any updates. Anyone who wants to watch FCPX on the iPod Pro should be patient for a while longer. The fall should be based on FCPX, MacBook Pro and others. This will be very exciting due to the NAB taking place for the first time in October this year

You can find more information about all the new features of WWDC this year Apple Pages