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Apple Music plays seamless and Dolby Atmos tracks

Apple Music plays seamless and Dolby Atmos tracks

As Apple promised in mid-May, Apple Music now airs on Lossless and Spatial Audio (Dolby Atmos)! Compatible albums and songs will show labels Without loss Or High quality / no loss, And Dolby Atmos When they support sound transfer.

Badges Apple passed, Before Passed iTunes, Only confirms that the songs are best suited for the producer’s streaming service (previously, his shop, read “ITunes Passed”: Symbol of iTunes Success on CD).

You can touch the labels for some descriptions, especially during playback by directly accessing the settings of the Music app, which was enabled by Apple without warning under iOS 14.6 and MacOS 11.4. Menu Audio quality Allows you to activate the option Lossless audio (By default, it is disabled) Then select the desired quality according to the broadcast.

By default on cellular, Apple recommends listening to songs High quality (AAC 256 kbit / s), which is the Apple Music standard. There are two other options: Without loss (ALAC up to 24 bits, up to 48 kHz) and High quality lossless (ALAC up to 24 bits, 192 kHz). For the highest quality, Apple recommends getting the best outdoor DAC.

Apple Music will deliver 20 million tracks without loss.

Logically, it should also be borne in mind that it uses more data in lossless streaming and lossless quality. Apple gives several examples of three-minute song; Number:

  • 6 MB (256 kbit) in high quality;
  • 36 MB lossless quality (24-bit, 48 kHz);
  • 145MB high quality lossless (24 bit, 192 GHz).

The app allows you to download songs at a lossless quality and at a high lossless quality, always with this block: these animals are overweight! With 10GB of storage, you can keep 3,000 songs in high quality, 1,000 songs in lossless format, and only 200 songs in high quality loss.

For Dolby Admos, the option is set Automatic Naturally, but if we choose As always, You should know that songs are played on Dolby Atmos rather than stereo. If you do not have compatible headphones or speakers, the result will be music that will hit the ears. Additionally, Apple Music songs can be downloaded in Dolby Atmos format (option is disabled by default).

The Control Center offers the option to disable spatial audio at any time:

Touch and hold the Airboots volume meter and then enable or disable spatial audio.

Unlike video clips, limited audio transfer of Apple Music tracks – several thousand titles – to Airbots Pro and Airbnts Max – all Airbots, as well as Beats headphones and earphones’ equipped with the H1 or W1 chip.

On an Apple TV, you should have a sound system compatible with a TV or Dolby Atmos, and not expect too much lossless quality (beyond 48 kHz). Homepot and HomePot Mini can stream music without loss, but not at the expense of high quality.

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