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Apple "solves" the peak problem, but you do not want the solution

Apple “solves” the peak problem, but you do not want the solution

The new 14 “and 16” MacBook Pro with the Apple M1 chip has a feature that, since the announcement, has been the subject of debate: Peak. During the presentation, Apple showed that by increasing the height of the screen and the toolbar, the notch is not a problem and does not interfere with the content shown, because it integrates properly with the bar and a part of the screen below the classic 16:10 ratio. However, in the last few hours, several videos have come out. Especially on Twitter, Where climax is shown to interfere: Many users have actually reported it Some toolbar items end up at the peak, The result can not be clicked.

Apple acknowledged the problem and released one, believing that in most cases the peak would be properly ignored Temporary solution Used if users find incompatibility. However, we expect the solution, you will not like it: it is called “Fit size” (Sizes to fit) and does nothing To measure the window size, The toolbar makes it smaller to minimize, So it is at a lower level than the peak and there is no interruption of any kind. It seems that there are gods in the MacBook as it maintains the wish ratio. Significantly larger margins, Very similar to previous models.

“Scale to Fit” mode is disabled by default, right-click on the app in Finder, select “Get Info” and check the “Size to fit below built-in camera” box. Below we give a video example of a Twitter user Jodotaro, Shows how it works.

The “fit size” option is practically one Temporary solution, Released by Apple waiting for developers to modify their software. This means that this option is not always available: if the developer complains that it is compatible with its apps notch, the “fit size” item will disappear and can no longer be activated.

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