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Apple is bringing the updated iOS 14.5 to developers and general testers

Apple is bringing the updated iOS 14.5 to developers and general testers

Apple has re-released beta 1 of iOS 14.5 – certainly with a different, higher build number (18E5140k) than the version earlier this week. Beta 1 for General Testers is here.

As usual, the update is available as a breeze for users who have installed the appropriate developer profile on their iPhone.

There are two major changes in iOS 14.5. One thing that worries everyone who has to walk around with a mask, the other is about data security. The update brings a custom functionality to the long-promised tracking. If the user does not agree to the monitoring, the application developer can no longer access the user’s IDFA. Apps are not allowed to use any other methods to track users – otherwise, in the worst case, they may even be removed from the App Store.

Additionally, iOS 14.5 has an option to unlock the iPhone with the Apple Watch – which is very useful when wearing a mask and Face ID does not work. Masked wearers currently have to type the unlock code on the iPhone, which can be very cumbersome and time consuming. The function must be activated manually – and it is even possible to lock the iPhone from the smartwatch.

Minor changes make the update more powerful

IOS 14.5 also allows you to use the latest Xbox and PlayStation controllers. There is support for two SIM cards with 5G and an emergency call function that can be triggered via Siri. In this country, the support of the AirPlay 2 on the Apple Fitness + is completely uninteresting because Apple does not offer this service in Germany. This is really a shame.

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