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Apple iOS 14.5: Open iPhones with a smartwatch instead of face recognition

Apple iOS 14.5: Open iPhones with a smartwatch instead of face recognition

As masks have become mandatory in public places, Apple Face recognition has become a barrier to Face ID as a feature feature. Since the iPhone’s camera can’t be seen through the mask, you’ll need to enter your passcode to open it.

With iOS 13.5, Apple has at least speeded up its process, because when the system recognizes a mask on its owner’s face, it immediately displays the input field for the unlock code. With iOS 14.5, Apple released the initial version for developers on Monday evening, which will make it easier – if you have an Apple Watch in addition to the iPhone. The cheapest model costs 219 euros.

After installing the update, you can go Settings / Facial ID & Code Note that the smartwatch can also be used as an identifier for the iPhone in addition to face recognition. All you have to do is put the watch on your wrist and open it (it will be there until you put it down). All you have to do is tap the display or press the power button to open the phone.

Of course, this does not make sense in a supermarket update. To start the payment process with Face Mask, you need to run iOS 14.5. Enter the passcode on the iPhone. If you have an Apple Watch and you use a smartwatch in the upgrade, you will be faster with electronic charges anyway because it does not ask you to enter a code – If the amount is not more than 25 or 50 euros.

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Monitoring resistance function is essential

In addition to the new unlock functionality, Apple wants to introduce the long-announced anti-tracking functionality with iOS 14.5, which has led to intense controversy with Facebook. The idea is to give Apple users the option to specify individually for each application whether they are allowed to use a device-based ID number called IDFA. It helps to track information about user behavior on different websites and applications.

This process severely restricts options for displaying personalized ads. Facebook is looking at its revenue model from this new opportunity Control monitoring, threatened. Although this functionality is already built into iOS 14, app developers will be required to support it with iOS 14.5.

Functionally, iPhones also offer the option to use the latest game controllers for the PlayStation and Xbox game consoles. Additionally, you can now call your emergency contacts via voice command via Siri. The option to use two 5G SIM cards simultaneously worldwide is only suitable for 12 series iPhones.

IPods recognize signature

It is compatible with iOS 14.5. Approved for developers iPods 14.5, primarily includes the “Scribble” function in German. This means you can always do it by hand with an Apple pencil wherever the text is expected. The system automatically converts handwritten entries into typed text – at least if you have clear handwriting.

In addition, the update includes a number of handwriting handling functions, including the ability to search by handwritten text and identify data such as email addresses, web addresses and phone numbers that can be clicked and typed into other documents. Copy.

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How to get updates

Updates are currently only available if you have a paid developer account, usually updates do not take long to become public beta versions for free Will be loadable from this website desire.

Before installing this, you should be aware of the associated risks: Beta versions are always unfinished software, may contain errors and may lead to data loss. So it should be installed only on devices that are not urgently needed in daily life and can be done without fail.

If you do not want to understand such a risk, you have to wait until Apple provides updates for iOS 14.5 and iPados 14.5 through the regular update functionality of iPhones. It should be ready in a few weeks.

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