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Life is Strange: True Colors is set for a full release on September 10th

Life is Strange: True Colors is set for a full release on September 10th

The expected high point of this Square Enix presents, the announcement of a new Life is Strange game is not surprising. On the other hand, the fact that this episode, dubbed “Major”, does not bear the title “Life is Strange 3” is a little more unexpected. Entitled Life is weird: real colors, This new part is about the story of a young musician named Alex who tries to recreate his life in the small town of Haven Springs after the death of his brother Cabe. To shed light on the circumstances of this dramatic accident, players can use her mental powers, a tenfold empathy that allows her to feel and understand the feelings of the people around her. Skills, poorly mastered, can turn against her and cause her to lose control of her mind.

Unlike the first two Life is strange, Did not create this opus donut. At this time we control Studio Tech Nine, which already worked with franchise Spin-off Before the storm. This announcement accurately predicts growth True colors Launched in 2017, after the release of the game mentioned above. American Studio has seen the big picture for this new title, starting with the quality of the animations of the characters coming here Movement capture To give more realism to this new story adventure.

Another nice surprise, Life is weird: real colors It will not be an episodic game, except for the absence of a “3” note in the title, which confirms the distance set with the canonical opus. This episode will be released on September 10 on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and Stadia. With Life is weird: real colors Appear Life is weird: The rearranged set, First of the name and its Spin-off In the redesigned version. This Bundle Available in limited edition True colors, Or individually in the fall.

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