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Apple Important Note: iPod, new iMac, Airboats 3 ... Expected announcements

Apple Important Note: iPod, new iMac, Airboats 3 … Expected announcements

Issued by Laurent B. Photos are my b. April 19, 2021 at 9:22 p.m. Updated April 19, 2021 at 9:22 pm.

Notice to high tech enthusiasts and other holders of the Apple brand! Apple is set to deliver a keynote address on Tuesday 20 April 2021, with several announcements to come regarding the company’s news. IPod, new iMac, Airboats 3 … we take the expected announcements!

The Important Notes d ‘Apple An event that is always awaited by Apple brand fans and avid high tech enthusiasts … And this new meeting of April 20, 2021 should not deviate from the rule. Tim Cook.

What can we expect from the ads page? Brand new Imac, First, can integrate its latest home chip M1. A promise made by the Apple brand, began to install them MacBook Pro 13 inches, its MacBook Air And MacBook Mini. What Mice L ‘Imac ? If this new computer is not delivered during a future presentation, an announcement may be made this Tuesday Tim Cook, In the second half of 2021. Judgment this Tuesday.

Another announcement expected, potentially new IPod mini. For good reason: Unlike other brands of products of this size, it has been three years since it received a small facelift. TheIPod mini, Big forgotten Important Notes Apple ? This may be more on Tuesday. Also check out Airbots 3, a possible presentation of the new airbots expected by many fans. And the likeIPod mini, The Airboats A little forgotten Important Notes 2019 (since the launch of the Airports Pro with its Airports Max headset).

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Otherwise, stumble, a presentation Airdocks, Interested and connected This material has the ability to find your keys, or even new IPod Pro, Almost guaranteed to be notified. We will meet at 7pm to finally get the last word of this story.