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Apple fixes vulnerabilities exploited by Pegasus spyware

Apple fixes vulnerabilities exploited by Pegasus spyware

If the automatic update of your Apple devices is not enabled, now is the time to do it. Apple Corps has announced that it has fixed a bug in the system Pegasus Spyware. Developed by the Israeli company NSO, the user is able to use the vulnerability in iMessage to infect devices without having to click a tricky link or button. Morocco was accused of using To spy on leadersEspecially in Saudi Arabia.

Updates with iPhone, Mac, iPod and Apple Watch, iOS 14.8, WatchOS 7.6.2, iPod OS 14.8 and MacOS 11.6. In an update released Monday, the California team said in a note that “Apple is aware of the fact that this flaw could be exploited”. He did not immediately respond to AFP’s request.

Operated from February 2021

Citizen Lab researchers have discovered that the Saudi enthusiast’s iPhone is infected with Apple’s messaging system iMessage. According to the University of Toronto’s cybersecurity organization, Pegasus has been using this vulnerability “at least since February 2021”.

“This exploitation, which we call FORCEDENTRY, targeted Apple’s image rendering library and worked against Apple’s iOS, MacOS and WatchOS devices,” he said.

The Israeli community responded that “the NSO team will continue to equip intelligence agencies and law enforcement agencies around the world with technologies that will save lives and help fight crime and terrorism.”

International spy

Apple’s update has made the security of its phones and computers a major selling point, showing the growing difficulty for companies, including Silicon Valley giants, to deal with emerging computer threats. More sophisticated.

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Citizen Lab was instrumental in bringing to light the mass espionage scandal through the Pegasus in July. According to Information from the Federation of 17 MediaIn France, several Emmanuel Macron, former Prime Minister Edward Philippe and 14 members of the government appeared “on the list of numbers selected by the Moroccan state security service, users of spyware Pegasus, for possible theft”.

In total, the case is about a list of 50,000 phone numbers selected by NSO customers since 2016, according to public apology and banned stories.