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Apple: First Maxoff external battery available

Apple: First Maxoff external battery available

Apple offers its first Maxoff external battery for the iPhone 12. A product with a capacity of 2920 mAh, limited wireless charging and 109 cost for this.

Apple releases its premiere batterie externe compatible MagSafe. A smaller model, the width is equivalent to the iPhone 12 Mini (which is almost as small as the iPhone 12 Pro Max).

As always, the American company cares about aesthetics, with rounded and impeccable lines. From the looks of it, this accessory looks thinner than the first external magnetic batteries from third-party brands.

In terms of capability, Apple operates the secret card by not disclosing it on its site. Some smart people have dug a value of 1,460 mAh, which makes recharging their iPhone seem weak. But as 01Net noted, the battery power will be 11.13 Wh, which is not compatible with the advertised capacity. From there there is only one step to find that there will be two cells of 1460 mAh. Ultimately, this new accessory will deliver 2920 mAh, which is higher than the iPhone 12 Mini and 12/12 Pro.

The only problem with this MaxSafe battery is its charge, as it only delivers 5 W when magnetized to the smartphone. For a maximum of 27 W, for example, it must be connected to a MacBook charger. By connecting it to a lightning cable, the charge goes up to 15 W. An impractical solution, it turns the battery into a charging station rather than a portable object.

You need to have iOS 14.7 installed on your mobile to benefit from wireless charging with this battery. A version is still in beta, but it should come soon. To get the item, you have to pay 109 of the amount. 5W for wireless charges. Higher prices on deliveries are expected from July 22nd.

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