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Apple: Employees disappointed with Tim Cook's plan to return to office

Apple: Employees disappointed with Tim Cook’s plan to return to office

The new work system in hybrid mode announced by Tim Cook is considered the most feared by a small section of Apple employees. They call for a lot more flexibility.

A “request” in this direction has been published in one of Apple’s internal slacks, with 2,800 people participating. 80 staff contributed to the drafting of this text, a copy of which Visit In On the edge. The profile of the posts occupied by these authors is unknown.

Image: Apple

At the beginning of this call, the By Tim Cook To bring staff back, from September, at least 3 days a week (standard days to facilitate the organization of meetings) and authorize long-distance work for the other two. With modules if positions indicate absolute existence. Two weeks of delivery per year will also be negotiable.

The authors of this letter regret that Apple should be too committed to a long-distance job, and at least that team managers should have the autonomy to make decisions in this matter.

There will be a sense of disconnection among some of the employees who have been strengthened by the announcement of this new hybrid system: “ Many of us think we have to choose between our family and our well-being, to give the best of ourselves or to be a part of Apple. .

Given its size, its international affiliates and its relationships with many partners, the daily already accommodates, they say, long before the epidemic, it needs to know how to operate remotely and with different time zones. Despite massive barriers weighing on the board for more than a year, Apple continued to introduce new products, organized events, new operating systems and ultimately achieved unprecedented financial results.

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Image: Apple

In conclusion, the authors of the letter ask that 5 points be discussed: Give decision-making power to teams in remote work (since they are already recruited); A large and transparent survey should be organized in this regard; The question of the effects of this hybrid system should be addressed in pre-departure interviews; A clear and precise plan for employees with disabilities is communicated and a hybrid system may be prohibited; Finally an environmental impact study should be carried out on the effects of face-to-face reversal.

The plan decided by Apple management (which will be re-evaluated in 2022) is a major departure from the pre-existing fate that was already the norm for face-to-face visits.

Other large companies in Silicon Valley have made similar or drastically opposite decisions. But depending on the field of operation, it is difficult to resist them. An internet service company like Twitter has a flexibility that cannot be bought by a company like Apple, which is at every nook and cranny of software, services and various hardware.

Twitter, Google and other

Twitter has made permanent remote work a new policy for job seekers. Facebook took over A result Team managers should decide what is similar and what is best for them. Microsoft Works The team has not yet been contacted about what it intends to do beyond a full reopening of its offices once the epidemic-imposed hybrid mode and situation stabilize.

At Google, the majority of employees Have to pass In the new open offices or at home about 3 days a week in the office and two other places they like. Team leaders, however, can recognize, on a case-by-case basis, completely remote work.

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“Campfire” A video conference location is being tested on Google

Most commonly, up to 4 weeks per year can be devoted to strictly distance work. Finally, Google boss Sundar Pichai, Worth it 60% of “Google” come to the office a few days a week, 20% work in new offices, and the remaining 20% ​​come from home.