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Apple does not need to download iOS 15 (right now)

Apple does not need to download iOS 15 (right now)

Yesterday, finally Apple The veil was raised on the innovations of iOS 15, When starting His WWDC conference. This new version of the operating system, which will be available in the public beta from July, includes several new features at the time of Facetime calls or interface, based on privacy protection. In addition, since iOS 15 is available on the iPhone 6S, one model released in 2015 and all subsequent models, it is difficult to blame the planned obsolete company.

While there are many good reasons for wanting to download iOS 15, some may find that their devices perform better than the previous version of the operating system: iOS 14. And the good news is that Apple is no more this year. No need to change version.

In general, downloading the latest version of iOS is almost a must when you have a compatible device. In fact, even if we are not interested in new features, we would like to download the new version to take advantage of all security fixes.

However, this year Apple will offer its users a choice. Even if you do not have iOS 15 installed, you can still get security updates on iOS 14.

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Here’s how Apple explains this: “IOS now offers a choice of two software update versions in the Settings app. Upgrade to the latest version of iOS 15, which was released to take advantage of the latest features and more comprehensive security updates. Or continue on iOS 14 and always get important security updates until you are ready to upgrade to the next bigger version. “

Also note that this year, Apple is offering you free storage in iCloud so you can make sure your data is backed up and switch devices. “Now when you buy a new device, you can use iCloud Backup to move your data to your new device even if you run out of storage. ICloud gives you more storage than you need to make a temporary backup for free for up to three weeks. It allows you to get all your applications, data and settings on your device automatically ”, Said the Cupertino company.