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Apple: Changes to the main purpose of the iPhone 13 Pro Max

Apple: Changes to the main purpose of the iPhone 13 Pro Max

You can make small changes to the main module of the Apple iPhone 13 Max. However, analyst Ming-Ci Quo advises that Apple will offer an open lens for the next Max model f / 1.5.

In 2021, there will be no photo rise, but simple changes. According to Ming-Ci Quo, one of the most reliable sources when it comes to Apple, the US company will once again create a photo section of its iPhone 13 Pro Max. The researcher notes that the next major iPhone model will benefit from an open lens called f / 1.5 in its core module. Larger opening than the current one. As a reminder, the iPhone 12 Pro Max has a lens opening at f / 1.6 on its flagship 12-megapixel module.

As with other iPhone 13s, the latter slot will be at f / 1.6 along the entire line of the iPhone 12. On the other hand, it states that all models of the Quo 2021 must have a main lens with 7 lenses, as is currently the case. He says Apple will work to provide this type of lens in all rear modules in future versions. Yet according to the analyst, Sunny Lens, a Chinese company, is responsible for supplying 7-lens lenses to Apple. If all goes well the first deliveries should be made at the beginning of the second half of 2021.

You may have to use this type of tweaking on iPhones for another year or two. In fact, Apple’s efforts already seem to focus more on improving the offer. The iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 should do without major hardware changes. So, there is no need to rely on switching to a 48-megapixel volume or adding another volume for 2021. Cupertino definitely wants to focus most of its work on the software area, thus proving that it is not enough to have great modules to provide the best photo result.

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