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Lamborghini Countach is back with a short series of free press

Lamborghini Countach is back with a short series of free press

It was one of the most famous sports cars of the time – and is now celebrating a comeback: 50 years after its debut, Lamborghini is once again making a small series of countdowns.

Monterey (dpa / tmn) – Lamborghini revives the famous county. Fifty years after the first display of a super sports car, the Italian automaker has now announced a new small series in its original form at the Concorde de Elegance on Pebble Beach (USA).

Lamborghini Countach wants to build the LBI 800-4 model exactly 112 times – and charge two million euros each.

Technically, the new Countach is closely related to the current Lamborghini top model Aventador. The carbon fiber body is almost wedge-shaped and as smooth as the original, considered an acronym for the super sports car of the 1970s and 1980s.

V12 engine with all wheel drive

The Italians are also sticking to the original when it comes to the drive fitted under the glass behind the two seats. You install a V12 engine again, which now runs on all four wheels.

However, this machine comes from the small series Xian from 2020, thus building a bridge to the future. This is because in addition to the 574 KW / 780 PS in the 6.5-liter twelve-cylinder, there is another 25 kW / 34 PS from an electric motor integrated in the transmission.

While the Countach may not be powered by it, it will be the forerunner of the first pure Lamborghini electric car announced by company boss Stephen Winkelman for 2025.

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With a total of 599 KW / 814 hp, the modern-day countdown reaches 100 km / h in 2.8 seconds and reaches 355 km / h at full speed. It is 50 km faster than the first countdown.