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Apex Legends Introduces New Playlist Converters Nintendo Link

Apex Legends Introduces New Playlist Converters Nintendo Link

As the end of the season approaches, Respon Entertainment is canceled Apex Legends Introducing the new war game collection event with new playlist modifiers, new rewards and new challenges. The event will also feature renamed skins with classic looks for Pathfinder, Wright, Lifeline, Gibraltar, Mirage and Bloodhound. Here is a first look at the new modes of play and the new content of the “War Games” to be released on April 13:

Each playlist converter will only be active for a few days at the event, but players can expect cosmetics and prizes (such as the epic Rampart and 30-30 repeater skins), five battle pass levels that cannot be opened, and other XP challenges that are updated daily. In addition, the following five modes will quickly replace normal apex playlists when the next five Tuesday “War Games” begin:

  • Second chance (Tuesday, April 13, Thursday, April 15): First Transformer offers a free response to a game of all legends. If a legend is killed, their response token is used, and they return to the game with all the weapons and equipment they currently have. After a while, the player responds high in the sky and the Skydives get back into action.
  • Ultra Zones (Thursday, April 15 to Monday, April 19): Many danger zones will appear on the same map with more epic loot and gold items. Each danger zone is embedded in a complex space. The hot spots are huge, the glowing bubbles recreate HP and the shields as you stand on them. In this mode, consumer goods are available as usual from the looting pool.
  • Car badge (Monday, April 19 to Wednesday, April 21): As a change of team members ‘response, this converter allows you to automatically retrieve team members’ badge cards. So players do not have to loot the death box to get badge cards, they can go straight to a response transmitter. The robbery pool has also been repaired and now has mobile response transmitters.
  • Kill time (Wednesday, April 21st to Friday, April 23rd): This method speeds up the game when legends fall. If a legend dies on one lap, lap time is reduced. If it turns out to be a round massacre, the ring will close very quickly. So players need to keep an eye on the round timer to keep up with this switch.
  • Armor regeneration (Friday, April 23rd to Tuesday, April 27th): The last modifier of the “War Games” recreates twelve points per second over time. If a player is damaged, armor regeneration begins after an eight-second delay. If the player’s shield breaks, the delay doubles to 16 seconds.
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