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Apex Legends Hacked: Hackers Want To Save Titanfall | Xbox One

Apex Legends Hacked: Hackers Want To Save Titanfall | Xbox One

Servers Apex Legends Currently hacked! The famous Electronic Arts Battle Royale is currently in big trouble because a group of hackers have decided to talk about it in order to save Titanfall.

Titanfall 1 is unplayable

A few months ago, players were taken to Reddit to complain about the lack of support and follow-up of Electronic Arts in the first game. Titanfall. People complain about the many vulnerabilities that make the game difficult to play and sometimes even impossible to play.

According to them, Electronic Arts would have decided to release the game on Steam without fixing long-known issues, which angered players.

To try to catch EA’s eye, a site is called Savettanpal When activated and available for sale on the computer, it asks the EA to fix issues that could not run the game.

Apex Legends was hacked to attract light

Tonight, a group of hackers decided to shed light on this issue that has been going on for months now. By claiming that the Savettanfall site is completely foreign, they want to draw the attention of Electronic Arts and Response to the issues that PC players face in the game.

It’s so simple, Apex Legends can’t play right now. It is not possible to select a game mode and players can use EA to fix Titanfall issues. And several messages will appear in the game interface inviting players to go to the Savetanball site asking for a response.

Titanfall is a coveted right, and hacking issues are on the rise. The Titanfall community has been begging Respon for more than three years to fix this problem, but to no avail. Today this game is still on sale, while at the same time completely unplayable. It’s time to dump her and move on.

For its part, Respon said it is aware of the situation and is working on fixes and test solutions. It seems hackers have pulled it off because Electronic Arts is counting on Apex Legends to make more profits than ever before in the coming year. A recent report predicts that 20% annual growth in Apex Legends will reach $ 750 million in revenue by fiscal 2022.

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