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Announcement of the new Nintendo Switch Pro appearing on Amazon?

Announcement of the new Nintendo Switch Pro appearing on Amazon?

We were expecting one Nintendo Switch Pro Announcement Thursday 27 May, but this is not the case, however the locals agree to confirm it Exposure will happen very soon, By the end of the week, it looks like something is moving behind the scenes.

Reported by various sources (including Wario 64) The new Nintendo Switch Pro appeared on Amazon Mexico, The page has been removed and reloaded with different addresses and product codes, The most recent version removes any reference to the console and uses a generic name, such as Dummy Asin, which is a simple placeholder that does not reveal the product name.

However, there are hints about Nintendo So there is no doubt that the Mexican division of Amazon has acquired a product code associated with the new console. At this point, in any case, everything on the Kyoto house is quiet, The announcement of the Nintendo Switch Pro may take place this morning, Analysts and insiders have confirmed and official sources have spoken of an announcement made this weekend, so if you do not want to announce the new hardware for the weekend today will be the last day, which is an unusual practice, but we can not exclude a priori.

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