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Kylian Mbappé, match Angers - PSG

Anger: Possible lines, channel and time of match

The 10th day of League 1 begins with the meeting between Paris Saint-Germain and the Anchors at the Parc des Princes. On Friday, October 15, 2021, Paris hosts the Saint-Germain SEO Angers from 9pm at the Parc des Princes. On which channel will the 10th day meeting of League 1 be telecast? What will be the team structure of Mauricio Pochettino and Gerald Bottigel? What was League 1 schedule that day? PSG – Top Mercado tells you everything you need to know before anger starts.

With 24 points and six lengths ahead of runner-up Racing Club de Lens, Capital Club want to return to winning ways after their first defeat at the Reno (0-2) international break. Four days before the Germans’ welcome from RP Leipzig, who are counting down to the third day of the Champions League group stage, Mauricio Pochettino’s formation wants to reassure themselves against an SCO that has made a great start to the season. Combined with a fourth-third nice, Gerald Patikal coached the club to a tough home win over FC Mets (3-2), with goals from Mohamed Ali-Cho, Thomas Mangani and Stephen Bacon.

PSG – SEO Angers Team List

Paris Saint-Germain have lost Spanish central defender Sergio Ramos, who is still recovering after his calves. Lionel Messi, Angel Di Maria, Leandro Paradis, Neymar and Markinhos were absent as they took part in their respective selections. Keeler Navas, who was injured by Costa Rica, also drops out. On the other hand, Julian Draxler and Levine Kurzawa are missing Renes. Mauricio Pochettino (coach of Paris SG) and Gerald Podigel (coach of SEO Angers) will form which team? Come back to an hour before the start of the competition, we will give you the official order for the PSG – Angers competition.

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PSG, according to the team Mauricio Pochettino’s potential team structure: Tonnarumma – Takba O Hakimi, Kehrer, Kimbebe (hat), AB. Diallo – Herrera, Vijnoldam or Verdi – Draxler, Rafinha, Embappa – Icardi

Possible Team Organization of SEO Anchors, Gerald Boutique: The future

PSG – SCO Angers, on which channel should I watch this match live?

The PSG-Angers match will be broadcast live and streamed Amazon Prime Video From 9 p.m. To watch the match between Paris Saint-Germain and SEO Angers, you need to subscribe to the Amazon Prime video subscription. While ambiguity over L1’s TV rights persists, Amazon Prime and Canal + are currently airing all matches of this season’s French Championship. PSG in legal streaming – Angers, you get a unique possibility for France: Subscribe to one of the Amazon Prime video offers. Everything you need to know is explained below.

PSG score – Anger

Can’t watch the match live on TV or stream? Is it even less to be in the Parc des Princess? Follow PSG – SCO Anger Score on our exclusive Live Match page. Cards, Objectives, Alternatives: Follow the progress of the game minute by minute and do not miss a single point of the match between Paris Saint-Germain and SEO Angers.

How to watch League 1 this season?

To watch 100% League 1 this season, you must subscribe to two subscriptions: Amazon Prime + Pass Like 1 (you can access 80% of matches, including the famous Sunday evening match 8:45 pm and the other seven. Matches) and meet on Saturday at 9 pm and Canal + Sunday at 5 p.m. A final solution for free box subscribers and non-subscribers: Download the free “Lick 1 Uber Eats” app. You can not only access the game directly, but also access the best actions and direct goals. The other League 1 matches will take place this Friday, October 15, 2021. The full TV show is here:

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PSG – Angers
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