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Rockstar Games has updated its brand in the last few hours, what's new in Bully 2?  -

Rockstar Games has updated its brand in the last few hours, what’s new in Bully 2? –

Bully Seems to be still in offices somehow Rockstar Games, Considering the existence of the company Trademark updated Three times in the last 24 hours related to the title, which led to rumors about the possible revenue or existence of the game in question. Bully 2.

However, these are very vague clues to think about something like this: Renewal of trademarks by companies or general management Precautionary maneuvers Standards for ensuring control over established rights, considering that they expire in accordance with the rules of registered trademarks.

Bully got stuck in the first episode, but many are expecting Bully 2

On the other hand, there are others Suspicious movements At Rockstar Games: The last few hours have seen job ads about how the company is looking. Sports Tester to apply for new projects In development and if we wish, we can try to find a connection between this matter and the frantic renewal of the trademark.

However, this is not the first time we’ve talked about Bully 2 in recent months: Last February there were new rumors that the game could use Red Grade Redemption 2’s graphics engine, while a second possibility emerged before this episode.Action game with school setting Instead it was canceled because it needed the resources to develop precisely GTA6.

Unfortunately, as far as Rockstar games are concerned, we can only trust rumors The secret The company handles its projects. In this regard, it is important to remember that this is all in the tag-doE3 2021, Where interesting news might come from.