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Big Brother Vip, Basciano Download Are you waiting for Sophie Codegoni Delia Duran?  The hypothesis is trembling

Big Brother Vip, Basciano Download Are you waiting for Sophie Codegoni Delia Duran? The hypothesis is trembling

Thanks to the immediate entry of Telia Duran, it is rumored that there is a new triangular love wind in the house of Big Brother Whip.

We will soon see new hypotheses about dynamics on stage Big brother VP. Assumptions that stun fans, it is now certain that they will understand what happens after entering the house Telia Duran, After breaking away from the official relationship, enters harder than ever Alex Belly. According to many, in fact, Alessandro Passiano He downloaded Sophie Cotconi Looking forward to meeting you Telia, To get more attention on her journey to Cincinnati, must be sure that she can be courted without hindrance.

Is Big Brother Whip ready to capture Passionio Telia?

In the last few hours, after seeing in person Direct confrontation between Telia Duran and Alex Belly, Fans of the sixth edition Big brother VP They are beginning to guess what will happen when the showgirl enters the house, especially after they loudly announce that they are in a house. Pause for reflection With his companion. Telia There seems to be a plan for revenge for Flirting between Alex and Soleil, The actor is still trying to support his friend and has done nothing to cheer up his partner on his feelings Concerns. The துரன் She made it clear that she could not bear the whole situation Alex and Soleil are not a simple friendship, Instead they wanted to emphasize multiple times around the world.

Meanwhile, in Cincinnati, Alessandro Pacchiano closed with Sophie Cotconi Following a very long discussion, the DJ withdrew himself a few days after he asked the Milanese to officially make him his girlfriend. Time Passiano Suspicious, especially in light of the fact that Giffini now knows it Telia walks through the red door of the Gf Vip. Passiano He was one of the most conflicted competitors Alex, By entering the scene rather than the fact that the actor has already been disqualified, and he can call himself lonely துரன் not good.

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The most widely accepted theory is that those who are aware of the hatred that exists with Belly, Alessandro wants to try to impress Telia, Which in the meantime aims to drive his partner mad with jealousy and give him back the same coin. Sophie And securing an incredible number of blocks during subsequent installments. What do you think about this theory spreading on the internet?

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