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Android 12: Take a look at its potential images first

Android 12: Take a look at its potential images first

Emanuel Sisotti

Android 12 The version of Android will be released in 2021, and this is not the first time we’ve talked about its message. Today, however, let’s take a look at what the first screen shots of the first version of the next Google operating system will be. The images come from a documentation provided to smartphone manufacturers to show the news of the next version of Android, so what are the guidelines they should follow.

XDA, Who was the first to put these screen shots online, let it be known that in recent times the evidence has proven to be reliable and that the images themselves came from a document that could be analyzed to some extent. What we want to add is that images are not necessarily from a product software, but they can be simple Mock up.

In this first image, you can see the notification screen being dragged around more rounded corners and with a uniform brown background. In the upper right we have a New indicator that any apps have recently used a microphone and / or camera, like iOS 14, is a feature that Google has been working on for some time. They have grown larger under the changes, and for this reason, without further widening, only 4 of them find space in the first row. Simple example of different options for different shape (round / square). The section between dialogs and the rest of the announcements is marked with a brighter color to indicate that there is more than one type of announcement.

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In these pictures, there is another proof that the pose is reminiscent of the use of elements, at the moment of its appearance and, shortly after, with a small dot. Pressing that code should quickly access the menu that allows you to get additional information about these accesses, and also gives you the option to completely disable access to microphones, cameras, or position, as you can see from the next screen shots.

Finally we talk about something new Widget for conversations Displays the latest chat message received from any application. It helps to see what it is New look of widgets on Android 12, meeting the demand for even more perceived standardization after the arrival of widgets (high order and enjoyable) on iOS.

These images should be reported to the smartphone manufacturer as an extrapolated document New duties to follow Can enable Android 12 on their smartphones. Therefore, in detail, there is an obligation to create a dialog widget and enable privacy indicators for the use of the camera and microphone.

What do you think about this news? Would you like the graphics to really reflect what we see in these pictures?