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An upgraded version of Metro Exodus, Nvidia and AMD GPUs brought to their knees by PC.

An upgraded version of Metro Exodus, Nvidia and AMD GPUs brought to their knees by PC.

In November last year 4A Game, The developer of the series Metro, The full update to the new consoles that will be available this year on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | Exposed by making sure to land on the S. In these hours the developers have decided to take everyone on a counter-attack. Metro Exodus PC Enhanced Version!

Updated version of Metro Exodus PC: a newer version with DLSS 2.0

Metro was one of the first games supported by Exodus Radiation tracking On the computer, but now the technology that allows to better create reflections, shadows and light effects Xbox Series X | Lands in the world of consoles with the S and PlayStation 5, which led to 4A games “Seriously edit our 4A engine Fulfill our ambitions for a full-fledged radiation-experience on the next gen consoles and high-end PCs. “

Developers have modified the rendering machine from top to bottom, Creates “full ray detected” lighting pipeline Tons of upgrades, upgrades and new features found in Global Lighting and Incandescent Lights A “temporary reconstruction” technology to “further enhance clarity, visual detail and performance” To bring the latest GPUs from Nvidia and AMD to range.

La PC upgraded version “A GPU capable of manipulating the radiation path with minimal specification is required“It will be a separate version, not a simple link to the game we all know: it will be provided though In addition to all the PC players, you do not need to buy it. New support for this version DLSS 2.0, High Image Quality and Highly Performance Protection (Nvidia GPUs) for active radiation tracking.

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An upgraded version of PC will be available for purchase by those who purchase Metro Exodus at Epic Game Store, Steam and GoG. “in spring season“.

Metro Exodus on Mac and Linux

4A games are also getting ready to come on PCs macOS and Linux, More precise version Mac Landing on the Mac App Store, Steam and Epic Games Store a March, At the same time Linux is steaming after a while.

Metro Exodus Su PS5E Xbox Series X: 4K A60 FPS

Last, but not least, metro evacuation “The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X run at 4K @ 60 Fps with full beam detection lights“.A 4A games worked to make the most of the new consoles’ SSTs, thus reducing loading times and working on certain features of the new consoles in 4K: spatial audio and reduced latency for the controller on the Xbox, and support for dualSense haptic features on the PS5. As for the Xbox Series S, the developers are targeting 1080p With all the features already mentioned, but Frame rate “not yet determined”.

Finally, work is underway to further refine the topic, including the ability to change the first FOV (viewport) for the Metro series. We’re talking about the availability of these versions. “Later in the year“Free update for all game owners (smart delivery on Xbox).