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An exhibition for free download - Tela Botanica

An exhibition for free download – Tela Botanica

Education Exhibition Free Download to learn about the impact of climate change on wildlife.

Preview of the exhibition “Climate and Biodiversity: It’s Hot!”.

In August 2021, the IPCC’s Sixth Assessment Report announced its findings. He notes that unprecedented changes in recent decades are irreversibly affecting all parts of the world.

It is in this context that the exhibition ” Climate and biodiversity: It’s hot! “ one fruit Together Between researchers, engineers, technicians, mediators, materialists. The purpose of this work To develop conversation Implications between citizens and researchers
Climate change, To popularize science In this area, and Make current knowledge accessible to all.

Beyond the dissemination of scientific knowledge, this collaborative work has made a product possible A tool accessible to all It captures the issues involved and by providing the necessary keys to civil society An intellectual role in public debate. Through this exhibition, scientists want to spread, popularize and explain their knowledge:

  • How does climate change affect the annual life cycle of plants and animals?
  • The environmental, agricultural, economic and health effects of this on human beings,
  • Its effects on all organisms: growth, productivity, reproduction, survival, geographical distribution, etc.
  • How can each citizen contribute to his or her own level of scientific research in this field by participating in participatory science projects such as the Observatory des Sciences (plains) and the phenoclim (mountains)?

Preview panels for the exhibition “Climate and Biodiversity: It’s Hot!”

“Climate and Biodiversity: It’s Hot!” Allows To create awareness The general public to science
Participation and especially in the Observatoire des Saisons and Phenoclim projects. In fact, questions Adaptation And தணிவு Feed scientific research with all its uncertainties. The diversity of living world responses to change complicates the understanding of the phenomenon.

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Citizen Involvement One way through participatory science programs
Create valuable information better Predict the future ButAccess scientifically verified information.

From Loving characters A ‘funky’ grandmother and her grandchildren, a farmer, animals and an old oak tree explain the effects of climate change on their own scale. Through these peculiarities, the observer understands that there is a climate change Impact on every living thing, on every animal, on every plant. So the survival of each of them depends on it Ability to adapt Making new connections to new climatic conditions and their environment.

Exhibition characters

The characters of the exhibition are “Climate and Biodiversity: It’s Hot!”.

“Climate and Biodiversity: It’s Hot!” Designed The general public And School public Thanks to 2 reading levels: a story accessible to children through a comic book; For more detailed information go further and find additional resources.

“Climate and Biodiversity: It’s Hot!” A collaborative work of experts and knowledge of INRAE ​​and CNRS scientists, but also associations, college students and communicators:

Isabelle Cuine (CNRS), Frédéric Jean (INRAE), Inaki Garcia de Cortazar (INRAE), Aurélie Froger (Tela Botanica), Pauline Lefort (Tela Botanica), Floriane Flacher (Aix-Marseille University), Maurane Sophie (University of Aix-Marseille), Julie-Anna Verdoux (Parc de Lunaret, City of Montpellier), Marie-Claude Bouhedi (INRAE), Anne-Sophie Brinquin (INRAE), Colin Van Reeth (CREA Mont Blanc), Maxime Cailleret (INRAE ), Luke Comal (Parc de Lunaret, Montpellier City).

Graphic Designer: Stacey Sales, IDIC Montpellier
Drawers: Agate Froise, Fabric Phone (INRAE)
Verification: Classes of Nicholas Marco and Simon Weil College, Montpellier
Project Monitoring: Voice over ([email protected])

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  • LabEx AGRO 2011-LABX-002 (ID 2000-013, I-Site MUSE, Agropolis Fondation)
  • Labex OTMED (Investments in Future Plans, Aix-Marseille University Excellence Initiative – A * MIDEX)
  • OSU OREME (Montpellier University, CNRS, IRD)
Icons of the exhibition financiers

“Climate and Biodiversity: It’s Hot” Exhibition Sponsors Icons!

Exhibition “Climate and Biodiversity: It’s Hot! “ INRAE, CNRS, is a collaborative effort involving scientists from Aix Marseille University, but also associations, college students, and communicators. The promoters of this project are Tempo Network, Montpellier City and Dela Botanica. It is funded by Labex AGRO (2011-LABX-002, integrated by Agropolis Fondation), Labex OTMED and OSU OREME.

By completing the download form you will receive a series of links that allow you to download display panels in a variety of formats (85 × 200 cm, 100 × 200 cm, 85 × 180 cm), Communication Supports (Press Release) . And a presentation sheet) as well as a customizable poster.

The exhibition is licensed under CC BY-SA, so you can download and display it for free, subject to the terms of use you see on the download form.

Exhibition Excerpt: Exhibition “Climate and Biodiversity: It’s Hot!” By the Authors of the Exhibition – CC BY-SA 4.0 (TEMPO, Montpellier City and Tela Botanica), 2021


Insights into the tools of the exhibition “Climate and Biodiversity: It’s Hot!”

To download panels in printable form, please fill out this form. You will be notified of the download links following your answer to this questionnaire.