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Days 2, PS5, Bent Studio, Sony and Blockbuster Strict Law - Live 4.Life

Days 2, PS5, Bent Studio, Sony and Blockbuster Strict Law – Live 4.Life

Days passed 2 At least for now nothing can be done: according to a recent report, Sony He would have rejected the pitch he made a few years ago Bent Studio A sequel should be published PS5, Apparently based on the success rating of the first chapter.

Although the numbers are actually related Sale The game has never been officially announced by a Japanese company, and the votes cast by critics for Days Khan have painted a picture of a different product, beautiful but not pretty, in short, less than average of exclusives PlayStation.

Days Khan, the protagonist of the game and his faithful motorcycle.

This is amazing news, and for more than one reason. First, we had a clear sense of the growing path of Days Con, which means that the Bend Studio title has gradually gained the support of a greater number of users compared to the week it was introduced.

Second, the game is available for free to PlayStation Plus subscribers this month and is already available for download as part of the PS Plus collection PlayStation 5What this means is that the number of people who can try it is growing exponentially with its popularity.

The days are gone and the deacon is struggling with some freaks.
The days are gone and the deacon is struggling with some freaks.

We should also add that Days Con will be coming to the system soon, as has happened to Harrison Zero Tone before, and such treatment is usually reserved for established owners, but what is considered now is not excluded. In short, in all likelihood Days 2 will finally come, It will be created by Bent Studio.

After the risk of carrying out simple support tasks for projects, we know that the development team is currently working on a new game that has not yet been revealed. Short dog, At this point we are not surprised to find that the authors of The Last of Es are in charge of a series of adventures of Deacon St. John.

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Days Con, a night line on the bike.
Days Con, a night line on the bike.

Directed by Evan Wells, Neil Truckman, Alison Mori and Christian Kirlin, this type of Ebilok confirms Sony’s unconditional confidence in the first party studio, but at the same time it is a Demonstration of insecurity For a Japanese company, getting scores alone would be exclusive and big successes.

In fact, if one day a project overseen by a primary team from Sony does not achieve the pre-determined objectives, it will be a very severe blow to the current structure of the PlayStation division and its management class. Many are responsible for a new course in many ways Aseptic Compared to the previous administration.

What do you think? Gone are the days? Does Bent Studio deserve to do its sequel? Will its sequel be made or not? Does the current management of the PlayStation division convince you? Let’s talk about.