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An enigmatic "gate" on Mars was captured by the Curiosity rover

An enigmatic “gate” on Mars was captured by the Curiosity rover

Mars still hides many mysteries, and the pictures taken by the devices sent there do not stop to amaze. Curiosity Rover has released A photoSaturday, May 7, a rectangular opening in a wall, like a door.

Image taken by Curiosity Rover on Mars on May 7, 2022.  (NASA / JPL-CALTECH / MSSS)

Some alien hunters have seen it as access to a brilliant life form that lived secretly on Mars or lived a long time ago. But the truth seems far less thrilling. “Sorry, NASA did not find a secret door on Mars”Special American site writes CNet (In English). Magazine Sky & Space This suggests that the rock may be a sign of landslides after fractures. To support his hypothesis, the bi-monthly magazine published a photo detailing the area in question.

“This is not a ‘real’ door, but a break in the area’s sediments. It’s very different.”Wrote on Twitter Freelance journalist Eric Botlander, expert on space issues.

This is not the first time a picture taken by Curiosity has evoked imagination. In 2015, some people saw the flying spoon on the red planet. NASA explained that it was actually created by a vent, a rock formation, polished and corroded. Previously, some thought he had even seen a lizard or sandals in pictures taken by Rover. These misconceptions, these misinterpretations, which scientists call “peritolia” are the result of the brain’s ability to shape familiar objects into any object, such as animals in the clouds or the face of Jesus in a snack.

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