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Google I / O 2022: Pixel Buds Pro finally released

Google I / O 2022: Pixel Buds Pro finally released

The rumor started by Jon Prosser finally came true in Google I / O 2022: Pixel Buds Pro was actually announced by Google. These new high-end virtual wireless earphones feature an active noise reduction function and a listening mode for ambient sounds, distinguishing them already. Pixelbuts And Pixel Butts A-Series. The Pixel Buds Pro differs from the Pixel Buds A-Series in a slightly higher padding and heavier design, but without the retaining paddle. The case is identical between the two models.

To justify their pro positioning, these new headphones have a battery of microphones capable of reducing ambient noise such as wind to enjoy perfect voice intelligence in all situations. A new acoustic configuration is featured with 11mm speakers, supported by a physiological balancing algorithm that helps maintain balance depending on the size of the acoustics.

To further support their unity Apple Airports Pro, Google announced that the Pixel Butts Pro will get an update later this year. They will also benefit from the Multipoint Bluetooth functionality and the automatic switching between multiple devices connected to a single Google Account. There will be a Google Assistant to control headphones by voice. In terms of autonomy, the Pixel Butts takes a big leap compared to the Pro Pixel Butts A-Series 11 hours without active noise reduction and guarantees 7 hours once this feature is activated.

The Pixel Butts Pro will be available in France from July 28 for 219 or கூடுதல் 120 more than the Pixel Butts A-Series. They are available in four colors: charcoal, fog, coral and lemon green.

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