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An Attack Festival – Women’s Hockey

The carabiners were visited by Concordia Stingers last night. In a very emotional match, the Blue team won 6-5.

Stingers opened the scoring in the middle of the first period with a power play goal. The Blues responded quickly, scoring more goals in turn Kelly-on Nato.

At the end of the season, Stingers was able to score a goal in the power play, sending Blue into the locker room with a goal deficit.

In the second period, the Stingers Blues beat the shorthand team to bring the score to 3-1. A few minutes later, Joni Current Reduced the deficit as a target.

At the end of the second engagement, Amelie Boer-Lehox Utilizing a throwback to create equality.

Within four seconds of the end of the second period, Jessica Bowlinger He used the front turn of the web to increase the gap.

At the beginning of the third period, Annabelle Fabert The opponent was able to overtake the goalkeeper with an amazing shot from the point.

However, the Stingers did not give up a 5-3 deficit and broke Carabins’ defense three minutes later. In less than three minutes of play, Raphaëlle Pouliot The Stingers scored their sixth goal of the night for the Blu team by dismissing their goaltender.

The Carabins receive arrival from the Ottawa G-Keys this Sunday at 2 p.m. Tickets are on sale Ticketpro.

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