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An attached watch that wants to enhance your reading comfort

An attached watch that wants to enhance your reading comfort

Apple lifted the veil during its big keynote address on its new Apple Watch Series 7 attached watch. We take innovations into account.

Apple Watch Series7

Source: Apple

During its keynote address, Apple introduced the latest generation of connected watches Apple Watch Series7, A year later See Series 6. Cuppertino focuses on many small innovations above all else, however it does not regret its product.

Apple Watch Series7

In terms of borders, for example, Apple promises that the Watch Series 7 – 1.7mm – is 40% smaller than the Watch Series 6, and that the display almost extends to the edges of the case. In the comparison game, the brightness for the mode increases by 70% As always In the indoor environment. Also, the edges of the clock are slightly rounded.

In addition, the dial size gets a little: 41 and 45 mm, in the past 40 and 44 mm.

Developed for cycling

The Apple Watch Series gains strength due to its IPX6 certification, which allows it to withstand splash, high pressure water and rain. The Watch Series 7 IP6X is also dust resistant. As for the software part, WatchOS8 will try to improve the user experience with new features.

For example, the watch will be ready for bike rides thanks to the fall detector and automatic one-touch alarm. Being cut for the electric bike, the watch can count the number of calories it burns and can stop or restart the process when the user takes a break.

The interface has the right to redesign and zoom buttons. Also, Apple promises its Smart watch Can display 50% more text than older generations. There is a new AZERTY keyboard line, “This allows you to communicate by swiping with a simple gesture or quickpath (by sliding your finger to enter text).

Apple Watch Series 7: Pricing and Release Date

A new set of dials with 33% faster charging will also be featured. Thanks to a new charging configuration, the Apple Watch Series 7 can regain 80% of its autonomy in 45 minutes.

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Finally, 5 new colors are available for purchase. Speaking of buying, you can pick up the Apple Watch Series 7 for $ 399, occasionally this fall. The Watch Series 3 will be priced at $ 199 on the list.

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