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Amiga 500 Mini: Concentration of Retrokimming for 2022 - News

Amiga 500 Mini: Concentration of Retrokimming for 2022 – News

It is already in the box Retro Games in charge This miniature version of the C64 Mini imitates the Commodore microphone, giving a second life to some of the games that rocked your childhood. The manufacturer is already proud to provide a perfect simulation of the original A500, but Chipset AGA’s AGA (Advanced Graphics Architecture) graphics. The engine has its original mouse, which has two buttons, but can be connected to an 8-button controller for any use. In addition to the on-screen keyboard, nothing prevents you from connecting an extra PC keyboard to get comfort and benefits from the extra functionality.

In fact, if the machine selects 25 games, the first worms in it, Alien Breed 3D, Speedball 2, Battle Chess, ADR: All Landscape Racing, Simon Wizard, Pinball Dreams: Ignition, Predator or even Joule Restoration Now confirmed, the A500 Mini will allow its own games to be loaded and imported via the USB port using Amika’s WHDLoad operating system, which will refer to the installation process. Interface You can save your games at any time and use the vintage CRT filter, as you can see in the video below.

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