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Amici 21, unloads Luigi Corolla, and Maria intervenes to help her

Amici 21, unloads Luigi Corolla, and Maria intervenes to help her

Friends 21: Luigi Strongis kills Corolla pudding. The owner of the house, Maria de Philippi, intervenes to help her. What happened? All details.

Luigi Strongis and Carola Pudding –

From the twenty-first edition of Canale 5’s talent show, “Amici di Maria De Filippi” began, New students are on everyone’s lips: yes for their talent, but the dynamics that develop between them within the small home.

In fact, an eye-catching couple was formed by Carola Pudding and Luigi Strongis: the two, almost seemed to be on the verge of a love story, They met during these hours with the help of Mary. What emerged? Luigi slapped Corolla. But let’s go more specifically.

Friends 21: Luigi and Corolla, endless story

“The Neverending Story” is by Maria de Philippi, the wonderful presenter, who commissioned this Created between singer Luigi Strongis and dancer Carola Putu.

At this hour, one of the two boys Good load for comparison, Program developer and compiler assistance Queen Mary, Will always be kind and motherly with the contestants of her show. But what happened in particular? Let’s find out together!

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Are Luigi Strongis and Carola Pudding together?

The answer, unfortunately, is certainly not. In fact, in these last hours, There was a confrontation between the two boys. Maria, through contact at Cassette, entered to talk to interested students, saying that Strongis had talked about her relationship with the dancer.

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He began by saying that he had already clarified what he felt about the beautiful dancer. He made it clear that he wanted to be close to her as a friend and realized that Pudding loved him. However, often and willingly, Luigi realized that she wanted something other than friendship, Doing it, maybe, Feeling bad without wanting to.

“You’re as beautiful as the sun, don’t worry!”

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Maria intervened to help Carola. The latter, for its part, hShe said she did not want to get Luigi’s love, but wanted to solve a problem within herself.

What Maria advised her rivals was, By forcing their hand too much, they may destroy their friendship in which they have become a reference point to each other..

In fact, according to Mary, Since there are currently no conditions for an important relationship, the two should take the relationship very lightly. The iconic speech also erupted Rafaela Cara.

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