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Amici 21, Christian Stephanelli wins the challenge, Anna Bettinelli "unloads" Indra

Amici 21, Christian Stephanelli wins the challenge, Anna Bettinelli “unloads” Indra

When Yesterday’s chapter, From Friends of Maria de Philippi, We have seen the disciplinary action taken by the teaching staff against some students.

In particular, they had to respond to their attitude Matia gensola – Winner of the match against Claudia – Singer Inder Finally Flaza. In the latter, the natives are particularly hostile and focused on giving anything that is aimed at progress.

Today, October 12, it aired Channel 5, We noticed what happened after the various slanders. The performances went on as usual. The dance challenge must be faced immediately Christian, Who won and secured his jersey against the most talented dancer, Angelo.

Whites Sang his unpublished song Millevosi, In front of experts Radio Italy e Rds.It’s so hard to come up with and write, even if it’s something I’m very emotionally attached to. This is really mine “ The young student, supported by his coach, commented Anna Pettinelli. Congratulations to the student from the radio who defined the song “Already hit“.

Elizabeth Created his own version Think bad From Elody. His coach, Bettinelli, Reaffirmed the shirt that called to her “open her eyes more” as she sang. Lorella Cookery Instead, she was delighted by a woman who was asked about the performance. Alessandra. The coach has decided to challenge him Elizabeth Next week and in the meantime he showed it in the studio.

After the shows, inside the house, the boys got an unexpected envelope while having lunch. “Dear Inder, needless to say you disappointed me. I was ridiculed for your attitude.” He started like this Anna Pettinelli, He concluded by explaining that he no longer wanted to represent him as a professor. His reliance on the talent show, this time, depends on whether other coaches will take him to his class.

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Student He led the way to the exit He greeted his comrades as follows:

Now I have a lot of things to say, but I don’t even get one. I parted looking at all of you. Don’t make the mistakes I made Flavia.