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AMD Ryzen 5000G, with newer Gen 3 processors but integrated GPU

AMD Ryzen 5000G, with newer Gen 3 processors but integrated GPU

Released in November 2020, the AMD Raison 5000 Series desktop processors have received a lot of press. Fast-paced applications that require more computer power have proven to be more efficient than previous series in video games above all else. Dedicated graphics cards are good companions for fitted players, but leave those who do not need such a graphics card. Following the arrival of the mobile versions in February, they integrated integrated graphics circuits – and then we talked about the APU rather than the CPU – allowing laptop manufacturers to install these chips without adding a graphics card.

These APUs have now come to the desktop domain, i.e. standard computers. Three specifications are planned, the Raison 7 5700G, the Raison 5 5600G and the Raison 3 5300G. The latter is the first desktop chip in the 5000 series classified as the Raison 3. This offer makes it possible to double the number of texts with SMD’s systematic integration of 4 to 8 cores – ” which increases performance in some applications.

Operating frequencies are slightly lower than versions without iGPU. Each reference is available in a lower consumption version. Therefore, 5000G chips run on configurable power casing (TDP) between 45 W and 65 W (which is already low) and the 5000GE versions are limited to 35 W per share. This difference results in a lower maximum frequency, but a lower heat output.

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Nothing new to the integrated graphics circuit. This Raison 5000G retrieves the Vega configuration according to the IGPU8CU (512 computing units), 7CU (448 computing units) or 6CU (384 computing units) specifications. The frequency varies according to the specifications and the range from 1700 to 2000 MHz.

For now, these processors are reserved for coordinators (OEMs). So they only happen on complete machines. Retail sales of the Raison 5000G are scheduled, but will only take place at a later stage, when not in contact with AMD.