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FPS Boost may be defined by some developers -

AMD FidelityFX – – now running on Microsoft consoles

Xbox Series XE Series S. They can no longer use technology AMD FidelityFX, Is now reported to be active on Microsoft consolesGamestock Live Between now and April 21, 2021, but some interesting news has already emerged on the development front in them, which will be shown in detail later.

In particular, one of the key introductions made during the livestream was the implementation of Fidelity FX technology, which we have already seen with AMD in new PC GPUs and is capable of bringing continuous technology solutions to improve performance. Game graphics are also tried by lesser developers.

New ones Tools Xbox Series X | FidelityFX includes a series of improvements that can be used by software companies working on the S, especially the following tools:

  • Different adaptive sharpening
  • Environmental disturbance
  • Variable shadow
  • Screen space reflections
  • Dinosaur
  • HDR Mapper
  • Townsompler
  • Sort by parallel

Most of these solutions are already known, but they are part of a set of tools incorporated into the integrated Fidelity FX technology, which is fully supported by the architecture RDNA2 Xbox Series X and Series S Officer.

Of these, at least for now, the new technology is not yet available Super resolution The answer to Nvidia’s DLSS 2.0 is from AMD, but it will take some time to establish itself, and it can be used by consoles as well.