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Amazon's virtual assistant idle time in Europe -

Amazon’s virtual assistant idle time in Europe –

Amazon Echo smart speakers and Alexa app do not work. Issues in Amazon Alexa Assistant, January 21st morning

There are those who do not wake up because the alarm does not go off. No one could hear the news of the day. And those left in the dark: smart lights are not turned on. January 21 morning Alexa did not respond. Amazon’s virtual assistant – the most widespread and used – on Low across Europe from about 7.45pm, DownDetector site points out. There are reports From Italy, But from Spain, From France, From Germany And from United Kingdom. The latter two countries are the countries with the most users without an assistant, but they may be the most common areas of Alexa.

Users who tried to ask Alexa something got the answer Sorry for the inconvenience. Or There was a problem connecting to the network, please try again later. And many have turned to Twitter to find explanations with the hashtag # Alexandown.

January 21, 2022 (January 21, 2022 change | 09:28)

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