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Soldes d'été 2021

Amazon smashes its prices, 10 crazy deals on Friday

Sales on Amazon, Citigroup or Efnoc will end in a few days. The end of the process is set for the middle of next week, which means prices will return to normal soon. Until then, you can still see the last nails before the fractures. The third markdown is active and you benefit from very low fees. Here is the guide to the best deals this Friday.

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Sales of Amazon, Citigroup and others are the best opportunity to find flash sales. These special ads last for a very short time and are often available for a few hours at their best. For good reason, these are discounts on premium products whose shares are low. These have been released every day since the operation began, and it is today.

This version of the sale on Amazon, Citigroup and others works just like the previous version. As always, a markdown system allows prices to drop a little more each week until the third markdown. The latter has been going on for a few days now, and prices are too high, which contributes to the widening of the gaps. For information, the end of the event is set for next Wednesday, July 27th.

What are the benefits of summer sales?

Sales from Amazon, Citigroup and Efnoc and other merchants this year have been amazing. All of these actors have become accustomed to us dropping special action in support of other activities such as Black Friday or Prime Day. They have decided to re-focus on the latter during this special edition, and it is more than a pleasure to say.

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During the sale, Amazon performs in France. The cyber-merchant does not hesitate to highlight the many discounts that can be worried about popular products such as premium. Very present in this period, he is helping to restore the image of this action, the importance of which has diminished in recent years.

As for this summer’s sale, Amazon is highlighting the classic discount – including flash offers. Not all of these discounts are officially part of the sale because they do not meet many of the required criteria. The French government is asking traders to follow the guidelines for displaying a direct reference to the event, which is not the case on the site.

Sales on Amazon are offered as offers rather than sales. When it was created, this function was used to destroy traditional stores, giving traders a period of time so they could sell at a loss. Other than the fact that Amazon doesn’t have a lot of stock, this point can’t be verified. If this legal aspect is to be clarified, there is no real change for the public.

For all the offers on Amazon, here it is:

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What are the offers to capture on Amazon

The list we have designed and displayed above will save you some time during this sale on Amazon, Citigroup and others. For good reason, there are thousands of discounts online from the start of the process, which often takes time to visit every site. We focused on our selection technology and it makes sense, but all product themes are concerned. Bookmark this page to come back and see updates and do business.

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During this sale, Amazon and other online merchants are coming back: this summer edition is an opportunity to save on reference items. The platform has decided to reduce the prices of many Apple products. The result is the same, there are offers on iPhones, MacBooks, Airbnbs … Also, wireless headphones are still available up to -30%, you can get a good deal about being fast.

During this sale, Citigroup decided to respond with the best offers. From the start of the process, the French dealer has had great discounts, including a deal on the Bose QC35 II wireless headphones. More generally, Xiaomi’s phones were also honored – as well as many products with or without technology.

Like we said, sales of Amazon, Citigroup and others target all product types. On the high-tech page, copies can be found on smartphones or computers. Otherwise, all other themes, such as bed, culture, video games, or health, show a drop in prices.

Why participate in web sales?

Whether it is for sale or not, Amazon and other merchants are all proposing a return policy, which is mandatory in France. This allows customers to get another chance, and above all, a deadline to return the item and pay back if they change their mind. These periods are 30 days on Amazon and 14 days on Citigroup, Phenoc, Dorty and others. This is a safety net because you can buy without risk… and promotion.

Otherwise, you should also be aware that products covered by offers are entitled to the same guarantees as the official store. It’s easy, if you order an iPhone 12 from Amazon, the smartphone is guaranteed for two years, and you can go to Apple stores (or other) to ask questions. It is also good to know when ordering online. Remember to be quick, the activity will already be over by next Tuesday.

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To find offers on Amazon, here it is:

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