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Software updates for the M1 iPod Pro iPods can be downloaded at 5G - Marseille News

Software updates for the M1 iPod Pro iPods can be downloaded at 5G – Marseille News

With the official sale of the iPod Pro M1, Apple has begun updating some of its support pages to add more details about its new launch. In one of them, the company explains what users can do with the iPod Pro M1 on 5G.

With the 5G model of the fifth-generation 12.9-inch iPod Pro or the third-generation 11-inch iPod Pro, users can run “high data usage features for applications and computer tasks”.

“These include high-quality FaceTime, high-definition content on Apple TV, Apple music tracks and videos, and iPods updates on cellular. This system allows third-party applications to use more cellular data for enhanced experiences. This is the default setting with some unlimited data plans depending on your carrier. This system uses more cellular data. “

With the iPad Pro 5G M1 enabled, users can decide whether or not to allow additional data on 5G. In standard mode, for example, it allows automatic updates and playback on cell phones and uses standard quality settings for video and fasttime.

Users can also enable the low data mode option, which helps reduce WiFi and cellular data usage by interrupting automatic updates and playback tasks.

With the exception of the iPod Pro M1, for now, the iPhone 12 only supports 5G connectivity. Apple says that when 5G is enabled, three different icons will appear:

5G: Your carrier’s 5G network is available and your iPod can connect to the Internet through this network. Not available in all regions.
5G +: The higher frequency 5G version of your carrier is available or your iPad is active with this network. Not available in all regions.
5G UW: A higher frequency version of your carrier’s 5G is available, or your iPad is active with that network. Not available in all regions.

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On the iPod settings, in the Cellular Data tab, users can choose how their tablet will use the 5G network:

5G Automatic: Enables smart data mode. When 5G speeds do not provide a significantly better experience, your iPod automatically switches to LTE, which saves battery life.
5G enabled: Always use 5G network when available. This can reduce battery life.
LTE: Uses LTE network even when 5G is available.

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