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European Commission insists on single connector to charge smartphones

Before the advent of smartphones, the world of phones was not subject to a certain standard, which was proved by the problem of charging connections. Manufacturers had a tendency to customize their charging system, which was different even within their offer, making it extremely inconvenient for end users.

In 2009 the European Commission drafted an agreement and intervened, Based on volunteer members, which drastically improved the situation, going from thirty different charging connectors to the current three. However, this is not enough and there is a desire for it Reduce electronic waste further, As well as making life easier for consumers.

New bill in the fall

Despite strong opposition from Apple, an order aimed at integrating the charging connector will slow down innovations, and the European Commission is set to present a new legal proposal next fall. Integrated connection for charging.

With the introduction of the standard USB Type-C Things have improved considerably, with most manufacturers using it on their devices, but there is still a section of products that use the old Micro USB, with Apple insisting on a proprietary connector for some of its models. In some cases, such as the iPod Pro or MacBook Air, charging is done via USB-C only, which is somewhat contrary to Cupertino’s claims.

Currently in Europe More than 500 million chargers are imported One command can significantly reduce this number, as well as the number of chargers that end up in terrain. Having a single charger at home can be a godsend for many users as they can charge each device without having to search for specific cables or adapters, while at the same time reducing the cost of purchasing smartphones.

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