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Amazon Alexa Smart Speaker, Woman Recommends Playing With An Electrical Outlet

Amazon Alexa Smart Speaker, Woman Recommends Playing With An Electrical Outlet

An Alexa speaker would have given a woman a dangerous game: playing with a power station.

This mom of a family still can not believe it. Christine Lively was outraged on December 26 when she discovered something on Twitter Alexa connected speaker He proposed to his 10-year-old daughter who wanted to play a “challenge”. The utterly harmless demand soon turned into a scandal.

The response generated by the mother of the family was able to find fear I am an assistant Voice From Amazon : “The challenge is simple. Insert your phone charger halfway into a wall outlet, and then stick a coin in the longer notes”, reports Numeroma.

As we saw in the PE author’s YouTube video before, we were doing physical challenges inside, such as lying on the floor, holding your feet with your hands and rolling. – Kristin Livdahl

Amazon fixes its “mistake”

Screenshot in favor, Kristin Livdahl asked immediately From Great explanations The web Hurried to answer him. “Our customer trust is central to everything we do, and Alexa is designed to provide customers with accurate, relevant and useful information.

The most probable answer comes from a misunderstanding of the word “challenge” by the voice assistant.

“Penny Challenge”

According to Numeroma, Amazon’s aide’s advice may have its source through the “Penny Challenge”, which involves the challenge of slipping the coin into power poles to create sparks and burning rounds in the process. Fortunately, the mother was there to prevent her daughter from taking action …