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Attestation de vaccination Covid : en France, comment l

Amali, on paper, how to get it?

VACCINATION CERTIFICATE. Anyone who has been vaccinated against Covit-19 in France will receive a vaccination certificate, which will be a testament to the health proficiency that will be in effect from June 9th. The paper certificate can be stored via QR-code in the TousAntiCovid application. It can also be downloaded via the telescope.

[Mise à jour vendredi 28 mai à 14h12] The Health Pass Coming into effect June 9. At the end of each injection of Covit-19 vaccine, the vaccinated person receives 2 documents: the vaccine summary andVaccination certificate Certificate. Vaccine Summary Unlike a certified vaccine certificate, it is a document that does not provide independent access to the vaccinated person. This summary includes the block number (information not appearing in the certificate codes) of the injected vaccine. Certification Can she be? Digitally integrated via QR-code To scan At TousAntiCovid-Carnet. This is one of the three proofs of a cleaning pass with an RT-PCR or antigen test and a certificate of recovery from Covit-19. Vaccination certificate (or two other documents) may be requested During meetings In the national territory Or cross boundaries. From May 27, it may be Uploaded via Telescope service Formed by health insurance. Health insurance will provide the possibility of telescopic service Download certified vaccines certified in accordance with European standards And bilingual French-English, From June 21st. How to? Download? What does it look like? Information.

What is the Govt Vaccine Certificate?

Vaccine Certification The vaccine against Govt-19 is the official certificate of the French administration. This paper certificate is issued immediately upon completion of the Immunization Act. It can be stored in digital format via QR-code in the TousAntiCovidCarnet application In the case of travel Or meetings in France. Most countries ask you to provide documents that indicate a recent negative test (mostly RT-PCR), proof of recovery, or existing vaccination certificates. Its purpose is to control the spread of the virus (and Types) Will allow the resumption of international travel between countries and during transport.

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From May 3, 2021, any person who has been vaccinated against Govt-19 will be issued a so-called “certified” vaccine certificate after they have paid. In paper form, By an accredited health professional for the vaccine. This vaccination certificate is produced from the Govt Vaccine Telescope Service launched by Health Insurance on January 4, 2021, from which the health professional can download the vaccine summary that should already be issued to the patient.

The patient can download their certified vaccination certificate one way or another Specific telescopic service set up by health insurance It can be identified by him Contact France.

Those who are not proficient in digital tools Or no access Ask the professional for their paper certification Or In the middle Whoever vaccinated them or failed, they collect it from the attending physician or any other health professional.

If you were vaccinated before May 3, You can now get your certificate directly from the health insurance remote service.

The vaccine certificate can be downloaded through a telescope service set up by Health Insurance at any type of terminal – computer, tablet or smartphone. This service makes it easy to obtain a vaccine certificate against Covit-19 after each injection received in France. It is designed for the beneficiaries of a French health insurance plan. For you Identify with France Connect, Your Amelie account, your MSA account, your tax code will require your access codes …

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From June 21, the health insurance telescope service will offer the opportunity to download certified vaccine certificates in accordance with European standards and bilingual French-English.

Example: What does a paper certificate look like?

The vaccination certificate contains the following data:

  • Identification of the vaccinated person;
  • The name of the vaccine for the last injection;
  • Last injection and vaccine status.

This certified vaccine certificate has two visible electronic stamps. :

  • Datamatrix (a type of QR code) used to authenticate a document via the 2D-DOC standard, used by the French administration to certify its documentation,
  • A QR code Allows the user to save their digital certificate to the TousAntiCovid Carnet process (TousAntiCovid Tracking is in use). “It allowsMust have personal and official certification of test and vaccination certificates, Which will be recognized by the government, competent authorities, and secondly by EU countries and countries abroad when crossing borders. ” Recalls health insurance in its press release.
Example of vaccination certificate against Govt-19. © Health insurance

The vaccine certificate can be downloaded and stored in the TousAntiCovid-Carnet application.

  • Download the TousAntiCovid app for free Appstore Or Google Play Store.
  • On the first page of the application, go down and click on “My Book”.
  • Go to the bottom of the page and click “Scan the QR Code”.
  • Scan the QR code located to the right of the paper certificate.
  • If you need help importing your certificate, you can call the hotline 0 800 08 71 48 (7 days a week from 9am to 8pm).
Dates CLES
  • 19 Avril – Launch TousAntiCovid Carnet in the TousAntiCovid application
  • 19 Avril – Use of Positive and Negative Test Certificates: The tested patient receives an SMS linking to the SI-DEP portal and retrieves his certificate for importing it into the DowsAntigovit Cornet
  • 29 Avril – Deployment of Vaccine Certificates: After the immunization law the patient can import his vaccine certificate at TousAntiCovid Carnet.
  • May 16 – Direct access to the SI-DEP portal to retrieve patient test results. Second Half of May – Direct access to the Health Insurance Telecommunication Service to collect patient immunization certificates.
  • May 27: An online telescope service that allows you to download your vaccination certificate on
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