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After a little developer preview phase, the first Android 13 beta is now available.

After two previous releases for developers, Android 13 Has reached its beta stage. As expected, Google has officially released the first release through its official developer blog. Android 13 BetaCan be downloaded and installed on compatible devices starting today.

Android 13 Beta It should be a much more stable structure than the second developer preview released in March Heavy. For this reason, Google has implemented the option Download the latest version of Android 13 through the Android Beta programNo need to get an update via OTA and renew manually.

Also, in beta, Includes new features and changes not present in the preview version.

Android 13 is the latest version of the system that will be released in the summer of 2022 this year

Mobile phones compatible with Android 13 Beta 1

Android 13 Beta 1 is available All pixels launched in 2019, Including Pixel 4 and 4 XL. It can also be installed on the latest models of the family, the Pixel 6 and the Pixel 6 Pro.

You can register for the Android 13 beta program via the official Android website by selecting the device you want to connect to the program.

Android 13 Beta 1 is now available for: All News and compatible mobiles

Three earlier versions of Android 13 are still pending the final version.

It is also possible to download OTA images of the Android 13 beta to proceed with the manual installation of one of the compatible devices.

What’s new in Android 13 Beta 1?

Android 13 Beta 1 introduces a significant number of new features, although in fact major changes to the new version of this system will be announced during this time. Upcoming Google I / O 2022Where android 13 sec beta.

According to the release notes released by Google, reflects These are the changes introduced by the first beta. Most are developer changes, including a Granular clearance management for media content access By applications. So users do not seem to have many functional innovations. All changes have been posted on the official Android Developer Blog.

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