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All information about the last Nintendo Switch event in 2021

All information about the last Nintendo Switch event in 2021

Nintendo has announced another indie world for 2021.

In a few days, Nintendo will be releasing future games for the Nintendo Switch later this year in the future. It happened during an indie world Via Twitter Announced, focus should be on “small” games “Will appear soon“But small does not mean less interesting in this matter.

When is the indie world?

  • Deadline: December 15
  • Time: 6 p.m.
  • Length of time: 20 minutes

Where can I follow the indie world?

As usual we will meet the event live for you on If you are looking for an overview of all the announcements, you can find it here. However, if you want to follow the event live, you can do so on the official Nintendo YouTube channel Pull To do.

Click here for the YouTube stream:

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Our Big Hope: Hollow Night Silksong

Well, well, you caught us !!! Hollow Night: Silksang, the hint of a much-anticipated sequel around the Cofferdam Hornet, meanwhile transformed into a running cuckoo in Cambro. Only developer Team Cherry knows if the game will actually be shown. But we still haven’t given up hope, and if suddenly Madridvania appears – perhaps lively – oh, what a pre-Christmas dream.

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Our freelance writer Eric explains why we think the forerunner in his column is so big:

Kill me from my favorite heroine Hollow Night


More on the topic

Kill me from my favorite heroine Hollow Night

Otherwise, especially in the indie world, speculations about “small” games offer little help, which we were not once surprised by Nintendo in the past.

Which game would you like to watch in Indie World?