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Alexa downloads games from Xbox Game Pass

A new feature Alexa This will make Xbox gamers happy. With one update, in fact, Amazon’s voice assistant lets you Download video games Available Xbox Game Boss By Alexa.

Alexa users do not need special installations for the new functionality, but it is enough to ask the speaker: “Alexa, download [nome del gioco] From the Xbox Game Pass ”. And, that’s it. Conversely: Downloaded.

If Alexa already exists Connected to your console The Xbox Digital Assistant will detect the game in question and install it automatically. You can also ask Alexa what the new or most popular Xbox Game Boss titles are and when they will leave the service.

If your Xbox is not yet connected to Alexa, you will be asked to set up a link when you first try to download a game by voice. This will require installation Capacity Xbox Via Alexa application.

Microsoft is the first gaming partner of Amazon to launch this new Alexa live download feature and it comes just weeks after launching the new Alexa app on Xbox. Thanks to this application, you can view email, weather and other content on the console, as well as allow the start of games with your voice.

A feature is available that allows Alexa to download Xbox game pass titles US users from yesterday, April 13th, Which will come to the next markets in the future.

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