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Anche la figlia di Aldo Moro “scarica” Conte. Maria Fida, aderisce alla petizione di Giorgia Meloni

Aldo Moro’s daughter also “unloads” Conte. Maria Fida follows the petition of Georgia Meloni

Maria Fida, daughter of Aldo Moro, joined Georgia Meloni’s petition to encourage a no-confidence vote on Giuseppe Conte and pointed the finger at the executive. Maria Fida writes a letter to publicize her subscription to an initiative launched by the Italian Brothers leader a few hours ago.

“My son Luca Morrow and I are reading a letter signed by Maria Fida Morrow – we have decided to join the collection of signatures started by the Honorable Georgia Meloni. The reasons are very simple. A whole generation of students have already missed school for more than seven months and will miss a year. Our country’s economy is zero, with no bonuses or bonuses. People are panicked by the lack of clear and accurate information. We are all under house arrest, but we do not know when. The sovereign power of Parliament has been abolished and the inviolable rights of man have been abolished as normal. First of all, freedom is the most precious possession of all. “

“My father, Aldo Moro – continues the letter – has killed many civil servants like him in the name of freedom. There have been countless terrible wars to restore and protect freedom. Nature is not a kind of privilege of government. We are not lifeless soldiers on a chessboard.We are the people! Instead of tyranny over the Italians, the government can do what it can, it has not been able to do it yet. Those who died in wars would have died in vain. ”

Giuseppe Conte, in an interview with a newspaper some time ago, admitted that his political model is Aldo Moro. It is too bad that Maria Fida, the daughter of a former politician, is now abandoning him and signing Georgia Maloney’s petition to put an end to this government’s experience.

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