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TFT: Set 4.5, Fates 2 - Combos to try on Breakflip's BPE

TFT: Set 4.5, Fates 2 – Combos to try on Breakflip’s BPE

Discover some plans for songs you can try on BPE before the release of TeamFight Tactics Set 4.5!

TFT Set 4.5 is already available on PBE. With 20 new champions, new traits and new dynamics, it’s easy to get lost.

If you want to try it out before the official release of the game, here is a list Nine songs That you can play. Note that they are not the most optimal versions, and nI invite you to the test Find out what works and what is not so strong!

Maze / Dragonjoul blend with Aurelian Sol in the BPE of Set 4.5

Return to Set 1, Aurelian Soul Is a great alternative Ahri, Benefits well from the bonus Mage And its dual laser. Mage Synergy is now defined 7 units, Which makes it much easier to hit this level, and makes your carrier more powerful.

Aurelian Soul uses no magical power (Rabatan, Precious Condlet, The hand of justice) Or mental (Puff Blue, Shojin…).


Another option is to play it 6 In the dragon (Dragon soul) Instead of 7 Mages it is much better if you have good defensive materials Swine This can cause very severe damage.

Combo Executor / Divine with Gayle / Saya at PBE


Gayle If you can get your hands on one of the selected ones, it faces great damage over time Executioner (Executioner), Allowing his critical attacks சயா Good area handles damage as well.

The Ultrafast artillery It is almost necessary to keep Gayle in her corner, but others are more flexible, usually with an attack item (The hand of justice, Rabaton, The giant killer…) and a defensive player.

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Another option if you have a chosen divine presence 6 Divine Men, Although more powerful than Gayle in this version Warwick May be in the main car.

Slayer / Ninja / Sharpshooter Combo with Olaf / Jet / Samira on BPE


Samira The onset of PBE is very powerful, especially in combination with others Slayers (Murderers) And Sivir Increase everyone’s attack speed. Olaf It can be a great carry if it is Ultrafast artillery Attack from a distance andDragon soul.

Samira can use most body or magic damage items (Rabaton, Plate of Infinity, Deadly Plate, Precious Countlet…). Olaf can use a variety of materials in addition to his RFC.


Another option is to play live 6 Slayers, Especially if you have Seth lives For example. In this case, he could be your main carrier when you try to get him. 3 stars With a strategy Slow Roll Nive7 And Ninjas For help.

Combo Myth / Vanguard / Mystic with Nico on PBE


Bonus Myth Be very powerful, lets சோ’கத் Control all opposing champions நீக்கோ Deals massive area damage through his spelling. This combination is identical Vanguard (Launcher) / Mystic From set 4, played Ahri In Nico’s place.

Nico really needs a mental generation item to act fast (Blue puff Or Lance de Shojin), And items of magical power to do its damage.

Enlightened combo with Talon on PBE


This creation does not exploit many new champions, but the biggest puff of character Enlightenment (Sage) Allows you to cast spells of your champions without fail. Where there Morgana Good part faces damage, Dalon The remaining few champions can be easily finished, especially if a few individuals are positioned in a meta Killers.

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The Morelonomicon Morgana needs her to function effectively, while Dalone can use a variety of body damage products (Infinity Knives Lead, but Justice Hand, Giant Slayer, Bloodlust…).

Warlord / Slayer combo with Tridentier / Katrina on BPE


Finally, if you want to play Trinamool Take it with you, you have a lot of options: you can run it in one package Toolists, Slayer (The killer) Or Warlord (Master of War). We particularly recommend the latter, along with other champions to implement its other two properties, and Katarina For its partial damage.

Tridentier AD. Benefits greatly from, and made him AD. Doom Blade Or Infinity Knives. Attack speed items or some protection (Guardian angel, Mercury, Will of the Titan) It is relevant.

Again, we invite you to experiment with different buildings, item combinations and champions. Will be released in Set 4.5 Thursday 21st January On live servers, it takes a lot of time to find powerful new stuff.