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Air Algeri: Here's how to download a health sheet

Air Algeri: Here’s how to download a health sheet

Algeria – Health identification form is required to travel in full safety on the flights of the national airline Air Algeria. Here’s how and where to download it.

Algiers-Houri-Podd International Airport has been preparing for the busiest days since the beginning of the health crisis. Thousands of stranded Algerian citizens around the world are expected there. But passengers must bring a health card before packing their bags to join the return flights carried by Air Algeri.

This is part of a series of steps taken by the airline to eradicate the Crown virus. It can be downloaded from the Air Algeria official website in a few clicks. This is done by clicking on the specific Govt-19 rules and then clicking on “Download Health Sheet”. Because it can be downloaded directly Here.

Eventually, the form becomes available in PDF, which must be printed and completed so that it can be handed over to the border health control post at the airport. For more details, the said form should be completed in Arabic, French or even English.

The first section contains information about the return flight in question, and the second section contains information on where to stay. For the third and fourth sections, these should contain passenger temperature and personal information, respectively.

What are the other travel conditions?

Before booking a travel ticket, Air Algeri customers must verify their registration at a site dedicated to return flights. This is done by entering their passport number. If a green band is displayed, passengers will be added to the return list.

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If your name is not on the list, do not panic. Because the lists will be updated at the same rate as the files are processed. However, this is what the airline said on its official website. We are still returning to the list of travelers who are planning their trip.

In addition to the health identification form, you will be asked for a confirmed Air Algeria ticket before boarding the flight. This is not all, depending on the health condition, passengers must also have a PCR test at least 72 hours before the flight.

As a reminder, Algerian sea, air and land borders have been closed. So far no decision has been made. That goes without saying. Air Algeri-operated flights are the only return flights. Thus, only a few types of people can travel internationally to Algeria during these times of epidemics.