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Rebellion: Sandstorm: Shooter gets new game mode, map, weapons and more

Rebellion: Sandstorm: Shooter gets new game mode, map, weapons and more

Sniper Rebellion: The Sand Storm, released for PC at the end of 2018, then came to consoles and will continue to receive new content. The new update brings you, among other things, the new game mode.

First Person Sniper Rebellion: Sandstorm receives extensive updates many years after its original release. You can now download the “Operation: Exodus” patch. After all, the free update gives you Survival Co-op mode.

So, you may have joined some other soldiers in “Operation: Exodus” and must be alive in survival mode with limited weapons. You need to save the items that are randomly placed on the map.

In addition, the link also brings a new citadel map, combining narrow and old-looking alleys with better view and far-sighted tactical battles with open territory, including hand-to-hand combat. Also: Two free new guns will be added to the title for all players: the iconic Desert Eagle and the MR73 revolver.

While all of this content is free to all gamers, there is also new paid DLC content in the form of cosmetics. These include the armored leather set “The Bear Claw” and “True Grid” as well as the skins “Rise of the Rise” and “Bad Day Security”. All can be purchased individually or as part of the Exodus set bundle.

Rebellion: Sand Storm – Operation Exodus Update Trailer

With Operation Exodus, Sniper Rebellion: Sand Storm regains new content.